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Prime Minister's Question Time?

Hiya, I'll be in London in September (dates not set) and, being a "fan" of PMQ, would love to see it happen in person. It seems though that tickets are given out by local MPs only, so...would anyone happen to want to go too, and do me the favor of requesting two extras (for my sister--she loves watching PMQ as well--and myself)? It doesn't cost anything, and I'm not going to make a scene or anything there, haha. It's just that you guys are so much more entertaining interesting than our own (US) representatives. I visited a US Senate session once on a school trip, and it was achingly boring, and not just because I was 13.

Also, anyone ever taken the tour of Parliament, and, is it interesting/worth it?

London Street Art

I popped up to Shoreditch this weekend and took a few photos around the area.


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A bunch more can be found at my journal here.

The Shard

I went up the Shard at London Bridge today, and I got some pictures!

This was taken looking up from the 72nd Floor viewing platform!

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It's well worth a visit; only problem is the lifts are quite fast and you might feel travelsick; I was surprised at how fast I went up 30 plus floors on each of the two lifts it takes to get up there.

Vintage/second-hand shops

Does anyone know of some good vintage and/or second-hand shops (with reasonable prices)? 

Bloomsbury/Soho area cocktails with food?

Hello all,

We have some visitors coming in who will be staying in the Bloomsbury/Soho area who want to meet up near their hotels. One couple are partucularly into their cocktails and my husband and I will be coming after work and will want some food. Does anyone know of a unique and good place that does both? I've just gone through the Time Out food guide and am a bit overwhelmed. Any personal recs for that area would be very welcome.

Thank you!!!
Оригинал взят у kotov_s_l в Мой вклад в мировую культуру
My contribution to the world culture:

Это мой сын. 10 часов видео, записи с 1992 по 2002 год.
Спешите посмотреть, пока не прикрыли YOUTUBE.
Но если YOUTUBE прикроют, вот тогда я им и вчиню иск о нарушении моих конституционных прав на свободу искать, получать и распространять информацию!

This is my son. 10 hours of video, records from 1992 to 2002.
Hurry to see until it covered YOUTUBE.
But if YOUTUBE closed down, that's when I sue them and abuse of my constitutional right to freedom to seek, receive and impart information </

Доброе время суток!

Едет ли кто-нибудь из Лондона в Питер в ближайшие две-три недели? Не доверяю российской почте (не думаю, что кто-то не согласен), а курьером очень дорого. Нужно передать маленький подарок на ДР жены, и еще один на ДР друга. (Передача - на Невском, в самом центре, не в захолустье каком-нибудь.) Пакеты небольшие, для жены - кофточка, для друга - фарфоровая тарелочка (в коробочке, так что не разобьется). Общий вес - около 200т-300т грамм. Помогите пожалуйста!



Is anyone traveling from London to St. Petersburg within the next two-three weeks? I do not trust the Russian postal services (no surprises there, I think!), and a courier service is hellishly expensive. I need to send a small package, gifts for my wife and a friend of mine. (The location would be Nevskyi Prospekt, right in the city center.) The package will be small, appr. 200-300 gramms - a blouse and a Wedgwood plate in a small box. I would appreciate your help!

I have no question on London, but on Oxford. I hope it is ok to hijack this community, and I do apologize if it isn't, but I couldn’t find any better suited.

I’m going to Oxford on vacation in week 34 (YAY!!!). It’ll be my first time there and I’m now planning what to see, do etc.

I’d be grateful for any advice on this lovely town, anything from great places for shopping, attractions to see, places to eat, great photo spots, gardens for pick nicks, must-do’s etc. Preferably in the cheaper price range but anything’s interesting really.

Oh, and a specific question; am I supposed to tip the porter at the college I’m staying at, regardless if I get help with my bags or not?

I keep my fingers crossed some of you have experience of Oxford and can help me out. Thanks a bunch in advance!

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